The ancient wall

Goblin Raids

The players began the campaign, waking up in a poorly made cell.
They defeated the goblins that encountered them during their escape.
More goblins were however alerted, which chased the players into the forest.
The players came across a scouting party lead by "" and worked with the to defeat the pursuing goblins
The scouting party told the players of a goblin army that had been gathering nearby and lead the players to their village , "".
The players agreed to help the people of the village deal with this goblin threat.
The players decided against sending for the help of the local army
and learn of "" son, "" who went to inform the nearby city, and hasn’t returned since.
The players rested at the village.
The next morning the players helped the villagers defend against a goblin assault against the village.
Some goblins escaped while the players captured some, including the "".



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